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JJX is the progressive alternative rock band from Philadelphia that serves as the main vehicle for vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Joe Jordan and drummer/producer MuzikalDunk. Their gigging credentials include headlining appearances at Utah Arts Fest, Afropunk Main stage, Wimbash hosted by Living Colour bassist Doug Wimbish, CBS news, and 93.3 WMMR’s Mistletoe Jam and The Hype’s showcase at SXSW where they performed alongside living legends like Chuck Treece (Mcrad/Bad Brains), Angelo Moore, Walter Kibby II of Fishbone with the projects Dr. Maddvibe and Year of the dragon respectively. Shortly after this time Joe would be invited to join legendary Punk outfit Pure Hell as a drummer and Queens based Rock/Hip Hop band Oxymorrons as a bassist would begin splitting his time between the groups in addition to his work with JJX.


While Joe toured the U.S. with Oxymorrons and played a number of shows with iconic punk band, Pure Hell ,JJX also released their debut album for Artists First Records/Ropeadope Records, titled “Thirst” in 2016. After a short run of performances to support the release, the band took a hiatus, allowing Joe time to deal with some serious health issues and giving MD time to establish herself as a powerhouse in her own right through solo releases and with the instrumental Jazz/Hip Hop outfit Mobbluz . 2022 finds the duo healthy and going crazy from the break and the pandemic, so they’ve returned to release new music, hit new stages, and melt new faces.

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